Display Ideas for Small Spaces

March 09, 2018

Display Ideas for Small Spaces

When it comes to displaying our collections, we can all use a bit of inspiration sometimes, in particular those of us who have limited space at their disposal. Some of us live in smaller places (“just because your house is small doesn't mean you can't live large!”) whereas others live in mansions but are given little space for their collection by their significant others. Either way, smart thinking and creativity are key when you want to have your collectibles on display but don’t desire hoarder-like scenes. Luckily there are enough display ideas that won’t make a smaller place look messy or stacked, as long as you pick the right solution for your specific space and display requirements.


1.Cabinets & Shelving Units

Cabinets and shelving units are by far the most common way to organize a collection. In small spaces, do be aware that a cabinet that covers (most of) the wall easily looks colossal and can make a room look even smaller. To avoid a crammed and jam-packed look and feel, the solution is to create more optical space: go for cabinets and shelving units in the same color as your wall and avoid heavy materials such as thick, solid wood. And although it’s a waste of space to put 1:10 size figures on a shelf that could fit statues, take it easy on the variety of different shelf height options you use in one place.  


2. Wall Shelves & Racks

When you simply don’t have space for a standing cabinet or shelving unit, wall shelves and racks are your solution. Regardless of whether they’re wall mounted or attached with brackets, you won’t waste any valuable space on the floor but use the wasted space above your desk or other mid height furniture instead. Whereas straight, floating shelves generally provide the cleanest and spacious look, wall mounted open-frames (square or any other shape) let you add a more creative and personalized touch to your place.


 3. Wall

If you want to use the space on your walls but would like to go for something different from shelves, mount your collectibles directly to the wall! Walls are the best canvas to display your collection in a lively, unique and personal way. Just pay a visit to your local hardware store to discuss the optimal way to securely attach your collectibles to the wall without damaging them!


4. Ceiling

Ever thought of using your ceiling to display your collectibles? Placing shelves close to the ceiling helps you save a lot of space both on your floor and walls. They won't be taking up valuable, easily-reachable shelf space where you’d like to keep things you frequently need to reach for. The downside is that your collectibles are less visible. Speaking from experience, we can also tell you that it requires quite some time and effort to keep your collectibles clean and dust-free. Another way to use your ceiling to display collectibles is to hang your treasures from the ceiling. Depending on the material of your ceiling as well as the size and weight of your collectibles, you can use thumbtacks, nails or hooks and fishing line to let them hang from. Not for everyone, but it surely saves some space.


5. Furniture

Out-of-the-box, into the furniture. To make smart use of your space, display some key pieces or an entire collection in see-through furniture that you need anyway. Glass top tables in particular provide your treasures with the stage they deserve. Have one made-to-measure or head to a store like IKEA where they offer plenty of options.