What vintage toys are worth nowadays

July 05, 2017

What vintage toys are worth nowadays

As a devoted collector with a lot of collectibles, both vintage and new, I recently had to do some serious decluttering. With the additional shelve space I gained, I could finally reorganize my Alien and Predator collection. These action figures and figurines are amongst my absolute favorites and I was happy I could display them properly at last. I managed to retrieve some of my vintage pieces from my jam packed storage room (yeah, I might want to consider some more decluttering), including the very first Predator action figure that I collected a few years back: the 10" Ultimate Predator released by Kenner in 1995, which lead to my ever expanding Alien and Predator collection.

Compared to newer toys, vintage toys tend to have weird facial features and wrong body proportions. Also, the quality is far less than that of newer toys, mainly because they’re just poorly manufactured. Like one of the most wanted Alien and Predator figures, the Original Kenner Alien 1979 figure. The already limited amount of these vintage toys on the market are usually damaged. This common poor condition has resulted in boxed ones selling for over $1000 and loose (complete) ones for $600 and up. They’re really hard to get, but the intensive hunt that unequivocally comes with tracking down a rare vintage item and the thrill of finally finding one in a good condition, is what I enjoy most about the vintage toys in my collection.

I wouldn’t easily consider selling any of my collectibles for quick cash. But if I would need to sell them, I’d imagine my collection departing me as the worthy centrepiece of a distinguished auction for charity, giving back to society. Although I would like to contribute as much as possible, I’m not sure if my collection would be eligible for a high-end charity. Good thing is that especially vintage toys, if kept in a good condition, can be worth a lot and keep increasing in value over the years. I really enjoy browsing the internet to see what ‘old stuff’ is worth nowadays. Some prices are mind-blowing, and it’s actually a great trip down memory lane.

See some of my interesting finds below, and congratulations if you own actually one of these items!

1. Star Wars Luke Skywalker Action Figure with double-telescoping Saber (1978)

Has in the past been sold through Sotheby’s for $25.000 – not kidding. Good to know: besides being new in box, there’s only 20 of these Luke Skywalker’s out there.

2. Transformer Takara Vintage VSX OP Megatron Giftset

Worth around $8.000 if it’s brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged and includes all handmade items that originally came with this 1984 set. Apparently it’s seldom seen and if seen, seldom complete - especially the poster tends to be missing.

3. Nintento - NES Original Classic Edition White Console bundle

The quintessence of childhood sentiment for many: the Nintendo NES. I still have one, buried in dust and with a controller that shows bite marks of our old dog – coming to think about it, could have also been from my sister, who had serious anger management issues around the giggling dog in Duck Hunt. Anyway, a new NES Original Classic Edition White Console Bundle can be worth as much as $30.000, but most sets like these seem to go for $2.500-5.000.

4. Hot Wheels #9032 Flying Colors Street Machines 1974 set of 6

Prices for Hot Wheels vary largely, depending on condition and rarity of the vehicle, but can go up to $10.000 – eBay has reported sales prices of over $125.000, which have been questioned by collectors though. This 1974 Flying Colors Street Machines set of 6 sold for $3.150 recently.

5. Original 1959 Barbie

Despite all of Barbie’s makeovers the past decades, the one and only for many is still the original 1959 Barbie with black and white swimsuit. I remember my aunt had one of these in her guest room, and that my sister and I, used to big-eyed bronzed 80’s Hawaii Barbies, found this pale squinting doll quite freaky. These originals however retail from around $8.000 – 23.000.